An Economical Solution for Native Language Swahili Bibles has Arrived.

Notoriously expensive and hard to acquire Swahili language Bibles now have an economy New Testament version designed for outreach.

BALTIMORE, Md. - Dec. 9, 2017 - In the region of East Africa which covers countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and others, there are approximately 150 million who speak and read Swahili; yet Swahili language print translations of the Bible are scarce.

Swahili Bible translations exist, mostly as digital or downloadable e-books. However, this option is not viable in areas with low smartphone use and spotty internet availability. “After meeting with Pastors in Kenya, the need they had the most were Bibles,” stated Blair Radney, who after spending time in Kenya could not shake this thought of a lack of Bibles. “We would go into the villages to share Jesus Christ but visually absent were Bible for distribution.” So while working and attending the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Swahili Bible Project was formed.

The Swahili Bible Project was to designed and create an affordable Swahili Bible intended for outreach evangelism and missions. The result was a New Testament complete with evangelistic helps available for a fraction of other print Bibles.

“We at Second Adam Publishing believe that by making the Swahili New Testament affordable to Swahili speakers, we will open the doors to the knowledge of Christ and salvation through faith and repentance.”

Every aspect of this New Testament Swahili Bible was thought over and examined to make it easy to read, understand, and communicates the gospel clearly to Swahili readers. With input from multiple cultural contributions from Tanzania to Kenya, it works well in every area of East Africa to fill its gospel gaps.

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Swahili New Testament Bible: Outreach Edition

Imprint: Second Adam Publishing

On sale: August 1st, 2017

Price: $7.00

Pages: 288

ISBN: 9780692923191