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The Well Ordered Family (Annotated)

The Well-Ordered Family is a classic work by the Puritan author Isaac Ambrose (1604-1664). Like many works from this era of Christian history, The Well-Ordered Family is packed full of practical biblical principles waiting to be applied to every Christian household. However, the distance between our modern day and these types of works makes them difficult to read and so neglected by today’s reader. This annotated version has been precisely edited to bring the depth of its content back to today’s families. Through slight editing of the original text spelling and grammar with the additional of footnotes, anyone desiring to become a better father, mother, husband and wife can enjoy and benefit from this Puritan classic. Included in this edition is an in-depth biography of Isaac Ambrose so that you can get to know one of the early Puritans of England.

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A Hunter's Pursuit Book

True Repentance: A Hunter’s Pursuit

In the pursuit of wild game, many go to great lengths for the prize of the trophy. Hunting can be an all- absorbing activity. Most hunters can attest to a sleepless night waiting for that first opening day of deer season. But there is an even greater pursuit: to know the One who created us and all that we enjoy on this earth. If you are thrilled by the challenges presented by the hunt, you will be even more thrilled by the challenges of scripture illustrated between these covers. Enjoy these short stories from real life that come from around the country . . . along the way, perhaps you will learn something about yourself.

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Ruth and Esther Book

Ruth and Esther: A Children’s Bible Reader

The stories of Ruth and Esther are timeless and teach many truths about God. However, in today’s culture, there is a biblical illiteracy among children as well as adults. As a result, we have introduced a bible reader that includes these two books written in a modern translation so as to make it easier to understand. Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions to help the child and parent discuss its contents. It is suggested for children in 3rd grade and up for independent reading. Younger children may need parental help. This book would make a great aid for homeschooling parents. This edition includes color illustrations.

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Why We Exist

Second Adam Publishing was created to bring to the market focused print on demand (POD) books with emphases on areas of outreach: evangelism, Christian growth, and the development of spiritual disciplines. These spiritual disciplines include Bible reading and comprehension.

It is the goal of Second Adam Publishing to continue to develop works reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and expand the knowledge of believers.

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